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SSP - SPEED.STRENGTH.PERFORMANCE Be You. Be Strong Leave on field coaching to the coach, Leave the Performance Training to SSP. Here at SSP we are athletes, we are coaches and we are strength and conditioning specialist. The trifecta that puts your athlete in the best position possible to excel at their sport. We are a team with college and professional experience in baseball, football, basketball soccer and lacrosse top athletes turned performance trainers. We don’t just make your athlete sprint – we teach them HOW to sprint. First step movement, mechanics, linear, lateral and bilateral movements that not only strengthen the muscles and prevent injury, making you not only faster and stronger but also more resilient. Keeping athletes healthy is what we do and we continue doing it using FMS and the Precision Nutrition system as well as coaching our athletes to rest. The days of training athletes to go beyond their limits and go to failure are done. Those are the dark days and we use science based programming, nutrition, and recovery to make your athlete healthy and last as long as they can. John has has modeled his business after the best strength and conditioning coaches in the country – Mark Vestergen, Charles Poliquin, Eric Cressey and Mike Boyle. SSP is the DC area’s number one resource for athletic performance.
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